when we realise it is finished, we have begun

A Community Within 

Community is everywhere. You are in a Community and a Community is in you. The Community (Tribe) you are in: Groups & Gatherings : You group and gather. With people like you. The problem is that most groups are rather... Continue Reading →


Cutting the Waist – #LoseA3rd

On my journey to #loseA3rd i aim to lose a third of my body weight (150kg - starting weight) and waistline (141cm - starting cm). After training / eating / sleeping well over the last 4 weeks i have lost... Continue Reading →

#GoPublic VIDEO – Join me on my journey to #LoseA3rd 

​​ Join me @ajheijns on instagram or facebook... #GoPublic #LoseA3rd #RoadToToughMudder2017 YouTube Clip

10 Days of #LungeEveryDay and #SquatEveryDay

Before and After....10 Days on #SquatEveryDay and #LungeEveryDay The difference might not be as visible, but the way i feel has improved dramatically.  I'm in my forth week of training for tough mudder 2017 in Melbourne. It's a seven month... Continue Reading →

#LoseA3rd – it’s a “journey”

Well, here we are. Another journey. I am honest when i say that i am hesitant, in writing this. I've started fatloss regimes in the past - without success. My previous atempt was to walk 10km for 100 days straight.... Continue Reading →

What Now Sports Star?

What Now? A question many young adults ask themselves when they end their sporting career. If they made it (played professionally) for an extensive period of time they would have some options on the table: Coaching Career/Radio/Television/Working for a brand.... Continue Reading →

#MyRingwoodPilgrimage – Day 27 – Creation Whispers

As i walk the streets of Ringwood,Mitchum, Croydon i am surrounded by a variance of smells and sights, old and new, things from yesterday recreated, things from today forgotten. The beauty of my pilgrimage is that it crosses a boundary... Continue Reading →

#MyRingwoodPilgrimage – Day 21  

Mate...21 Days down and 79 to go...That's 210km down, 790km to go.  They say it takes 21 days to form a habbit. "They" are always so has gotten better. Every day has been challenging. And some days tougher than... Continue Reading →

#MyRingwoodPilgrimage – Day 17 – Helping Others

It's amazing how much need surrounds us... I'm not talking about "my" need. I know my need. The world is sorta geared toward telling me what i need. I'm talking about the need others have....serious need. Like, need for food,... Continue Reading →

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