It’s amazing how much need surrounds us…

I’m not talking about “my” need. I know my need. The world is sorta geared toward telling me what i need. I’m talking about the need others have….serious need. Like, need for food, a bed, a home, a hug…people need love.

People need a mother. A Father…a friend…

I started this mini pilgrimage primarily for myself. My health – both physically and mentally. Meditating on truth…centering myself. But since doing it – it’s like i see more need…the need of others. When we become healthy, we are positioned to help others better. So, it starts with me, but, it doesnt end with  me. It’s like we are created to serve others. It’s part of our DNA. Our design.

Ive often felt the healing power of helping others. Even while i’m not “all there”…

Here is the irony…When i live for others, i am living for myself. I benefit most! 

I am currently living for others. My wife and kids. My church and congregation. Our community programs and engagement. We currenlty run a food and friendship program for around 85 families in the week. 

The questions i am left with :

How can we seriously help people? 

How can we set people up for success properly?

How do we release the money and help that others can bring to increase momentum in these areas? 

Since starting this journey i have had encounters with a diverse group the last two weeks…

From a drug user relapsing, to a mother losing her husband, to a women who help 6 kids in foster care, to people with serious depression and anxiety. They are looking for solutions. They are looking for help. They are looking for hope.

My prayer is that God positions us to bring that to them, and others.