Mate…21 Days down and 79 to go…That’s 210km down, 790km to go. 

They say it takes 21 days to form a habbit. “They” are always so smart…it has gotten better. Every day has been challenging. And some days tougher than others. But, i’m doing it. One km at a time. 

One of the things i have certainly noticed is that it’s much better walking outside than walking on the walker at the gym. Even if it’s 2 degrees out there. 

The other significant thing has been that i am once again developing a desire to run. Not that I’ve ever really had one. Maybe it’s the 2 hours of walking that comes into play. If i ran, i could do it in half the time. The thing is…i set out to walk 1000km. And if consistency and patience is a goal – i need to stick to it. My next challenge might well be a running one 🙂

Whoever might be reading and following my journey on here. Thanx for your support. 

Love and Peace to you…