As i walk the streets of Ringwood,Mitchum, Croydon i am surrounded by a variance of smells and sights, old and new, things from yesterday recreated, things from today forgotten. The beauty of my pilgrimage is that it crosses a boundary between the physical and the spiritual. Things that seem plainly plain, are revealed as significant elements in the cosmos. An empty coke can grilled in the sunlight. The sprinklers showering a garden into saturation. The petrol burning smoke into the atmosphere.  The wind dancing through the  trees. 

Point being? There is more to this life than what we can get or give. We are here to receive all that creation has been created to give. Not simply as consumers, but as stewards and artists and owners and fathers. There exists an abundance of joy and laughter in the world. And its waiting for you to see it.

Sometimes you need to stop – look – smell – close your eyes and listen. Be healed by the presence of the Glory of God. It’s around you, before you and behind you. And it resides inside you. The very life you have, is His presence. It’s simple, but profound.