Well, here we are. Another journey. I am honest when i say that i am hesitant, in writing this. I’ve started fatloss regimes in the past – without success. My previous atempt was to walk 10km for 100 days straight. I got to 47. Not a bad effort if you think about it. But still, not complete. You wouldn’t  believe me when i say, i didn’t lose 1 kg…not 1. not even 1. NOT 1. I was disappointed.

I have been in shape (round is also a shape) before. At my prime i was a 110kg rugby player. I trained with purpose. Every day, often twice a day. I ate right, trained right and slept right. But when i stopped playing rugby, i lost my “motivation”. I say “motivation” because at the time the “motivation” i had was to get famous, make money, be a “star”. Unlike the real stuff – living longer (staying alive), being a dad and husband that play and participate in life.

So, a month ago, i realised – I NEED A CHALLENGE. A real challenge. Something i can build up to. Not a random goal. Not a weak endevour. A solid medium to long term goal.

So a bunch of us at church decided to do #ToughMudder in Melbourne on 28 October. Its a 20km obstacle course, and lives up to it’s name. With  7 months to the event i have my medium term goal.

To be able to do this event (which i have already registered for) i will need to trim down. I carry about 50kg of fat. According to my weight (148kg) and height (183cm) i need to lose the weight if i want to live properly. More worryingly, i have a waistline of 144cm (Nearly the length of my wife :-/ ). 54cm above the prescribed measurement. That poses serious health risks.

So, taking all of that into acount i need to #loseathird of my body weight and a third of my waistline. I’m doing this for me, my wife and kids. I’m doing this for people like me. People who need to #loseathird… Follow the hashtag, follow my journey on Instagram : @ajheijns and #loseathird and #LoseA3rd.