Before and After….10 Days on #SquatEveryDay and #LungeEveryDay

The difference might not be as visible, but the way i feel has improved dramatically. 

I’m in my forth week of training for tough mudder 2017 in Melbourne. It’s a seven month journey to be prepared for one hell of a race. 20km with 20 obstacles. The biggest challenge – i weigh 150kg… So desperate times require some radical measures. I started following a Crazy man called Cory Greggory after hearing him on the School of Greatness podcast hosted by Lewis Howes. He immediately got my attention. This guy built one of the most succesfull supplement brands in the world – Muscle Pharm, got The Arnold to endorse it, and sold it for millions. He owns Old School gym and has recently launched a new brand called – Max Effort…(yet to try it out) But most remarkable to me, he has a crazy personal fitness regime. He squats every day and lunges every day…EVERY DAY…without fail. Then he does his other stuff. So, as part of my #LoseA3rd journey to lose a third of my body weight and a third of my waistline… i started to do the same (minus the heavy weights and 800-1000meter lunges) and started squating every day and lunging 200meters every day. 

The first 5 days was the hardest. I had to buy knee straps and warm up heaps every day. I nearly cried (nearly isn’t crying) every time i faced the gym entrance. But i pushed through. 

I feel great…sore…but great. Supprizingly my legs are much stronger than i thought. And i am losing the kg’s. Since starting i have lost 5kg in 10 days. And probably heaps of cm’s (will know at the end of the week when i measure it).

Will keep you all updated as to my progress…follow my journey on instagram @ajheijns and #LoseA3rd