On my journey to #loseA3rd i aim to lose a third of my body weight (150kg – starting weight) and waistline (141cm – starting cm).

After training / eating / sleeping well over the last 4 weeks i have lost 5 kg and 4 cm of my waistline. Thats 10% of my goal. 

So, why is losing cm of my waistline important? 

About 2 years ago i had a very painfull condition that lasted around 6 months – Kidney Stones followed by an abdominal hernia… in that journey i found mysef infront of doctors and medical staff many times. And on 3 seperate ocations they warned me that my waistline was a major problem. One of them even told me that if i didn’t make a plan to lose weight i would die before i reached 40…It was a major wakeup call…

Waist circumference is important – because large waistlines are a major indicator of health problems in the future. See this harvard study : 


Often, the goal is to only lose weight or drop our BMI (Body Mass Index). When losing the fat around the abdominal area should be the priority measurement. 

My #loseA3rs journey is not about body image. It’s about health. Living well. Living as long as i possibly can. For every 1 CM i lose, i am adding years to my time on earth with my daughters and wife. 

Not everyone can or should #loseA3rd. But looking at obesity statistics globally – it’s a big deal to trim down. For more and more people every year.

Just have a look at this interactive map of this global crisis:

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