Community is everywhere. You are in a Community and a Community is in you.

The Community (Tribe) you are in:

Groups & Gatherings : You group and gather. With people like you. The problem is that most groups are rather exclusive. They form because of a common interest, and grow with an inward focus. It’s all about the group. The groups benefit, the groups survival. I don’t believe this is the model revealed through Christ. I believe that we are to engage in groups, but that we should endeavour to shape groups and gatherings that to be “inclusive” with an “outward” focus. Groups that are for Groups. Gatherings that support other Gatherings. Life is not just about you. It’s about you, living for others, and then, while living for others, you benefit most…You are created for Community…and a healthy community at that. What does your group or gathering look like? Are they inclusive or exclusive. And how are you making them more inclusive? Because, if it can be become more inclusive, it can become more missional. Giving it an outward focus, to the world, for the benefit of the world.

The Community (Tribe) that’s in you:

The Trinity : John 4:20 speaks of a divine connection of being.

Jesus says – I am in my Father, You are in Me (meaning we are also in the Father) and We (trinity) are IN YOU. God is in you….Father/Son/Spirit…”Christ in me”, is the pin code to scripture. It is the revelation that Paul had and that we have. It changes everything.

Instead of just being a sinner, saved by grace. I am also the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I sit in heavenly places (Eph 3:6). And They now live in me. The Trinity lives in me. “I am not an empty vessel, i am a power station” (Karel Botha).

God is not into an external relationship but an internal relationship of. That leads to blessing our external Community.

Tripartite of man: Body / Soul / Spirit or rather Spirit / Should / Body

We experience life in these 3 elements of ourselves. We have a flesh (body) experience, we have an emotional (soul) experience. But we are in essence – Spirit.

It is the centre of us. It is where our identity lies. Central to our existence. We often place significant focus on our physical and emotional conditioning, forgetting that our spirit is at the centre of everything we are. For it is not our emotions or flesh that enter eternity. It is our spirit that never dies. 

When we enter an external community (town/city/neighbourhood) with revelation of our internal community (trinity), that gives reference to our experience of life (tripartite) we are healthy and can make a difference as a result. 

Each external community today, has poverty in these three tripartite elements.

Spiritual Poverty, 

Emotional Poverty, 

Physical Poverty.

How can we bring the Gospel to these three areas of poverty in our Community. 

(A topic for later)

I think we can strategically bring Good News to these three by revealing the Completeness in Spirit (in Christ) – Improve Wellness in Mind (in Christ) – Encourage Health in Body (in Christ)

…It’s practical…And, it’s possible…