I once heard a friend say, “I wish i had a sixpack”…My immediate response: “You have a sixpack, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be able to stand, walk or basically move in any proper upright way.”  This is true – We all have sixpacks. It’s just that, mine is covered with a solid layer of fat.  And so, according to the majority of humanity, i don’t have a sixpack. At least not visibly.

But is truth only truth when visible? Like under water currents, or the movement of tectonic plates, or wind? Not that these have anything to do with my belly..
The same thing counts for our restored identity in Christ. We are holy, blameless and perfect. We have even been fully reconciled and restored in Him. But on the surface. We are still getting to grips with this reality. Well…i need to lose weight? Fat, predominantly.

And i believe i can, and should apply the deeper truth of my spiritual state to my practical health.  Because if I AM says I AM, then I AM. Halleluja, I HAVE A SIXPACK

My reality is something very different. From being a bodyguard, professional rugby player and generally – in shape (albeit a bit round) 105kg to an astounding 142kg. I have outgrown my wardrobe, ego and fondness for mirrors. Well, it’s enough. I was recently released from the grips of a 6 month kidney stone with some medical intervention. And while on very strong pain medication, i remember the surgeon telling me – “If you don’t change boy, you won’t make 40″…

I have 2 daughters (3 and 4 years old) and a beautiful wife. And i have made a decision to change for the better. Into what i already am. A healthy, strong 31 year old male.

This blog will help me get there where i already am. With a re-enforcing identity msg and pure dedication i will give expression to my journey…Are you ready? Join me, follow me, to be me.