What if you could #LoseA3rd – A3rd of your body weight, A3rd of your fat, A3rd of your waist circumference, A3rd of your debt, A3rd of your clutter…How about giving away A3rd of your income to people who need it???

I recon the majority of the western world have to much “baggage”. Life is cluttered and full of junk we don’t need. We spend money on things we don’t need, we eat what we don’t need. We spend time on things we don’t need.

I am on a personal journey to #LoseA3rd of my body weight that would consist predominantly of fat and A3rd of my waist circumference. I am doing this journey in preparation for #ToughMudder2017 in Melbourne, Australia.  This page will document my journey and share discoveries along the way. In helping myself i hope to also be able to help others to #LoseA3rd.