when we realise it is finished, we have begun

Name Change :-) #1000kPrayerWalk to #MyRingwoodPilgrimage – Day 15

On my 17.5km walk last night i had a thought. I am currently reading "The Pilgrimage" by Paulo Coelho. It's his first book on his pilgrimage to San Tiago. A 850km walk through the north of Spain marking the journey... Continue Reading →


#1000kPrayerWalk – Day 13 – CatchUp Planning

Playing Catchup today...have 15km to catch up and my normal 10km for the day to be square for day 13...After today i would have walked 130km in 13 days 🙂 I've just stopped halfway to have a quick coffee and... Continue Reading →

#1000kPrayerWalk – Day 11 – Centering yourself

It's 6:30am on a Friday morning. Walked to the Cafe at 4:30am after lying awake thinking about a few challenges i face. The walking's become a time of deep reflection and peace. Where i focus and centre myself.  We... Continue Reading →

#1000kPrayerWalk – Day 9

If you have an idea, go for it. I'm probably not the first person to start a walking challenge. But it's my challenge. I thought of it, i started it and i'm owning it. No matter what. I am the... Continue Reading →

#1000kPrayerWalk – Day 8

Started my morning with this thought : TODAY, WILL BE A GREAT DAY... Today i plan to walk 16km. That would bring me to 80 in 8 days. With 20 to go for ny first goal to be reached in... Continue Reading →

#1000kPrayerWalk – Day 7

What a great weekend...walked 12km on Saturday and 12km on Sunday... That brings my total to 64km in 6 Days... I am walking 10-12 tonight as i round out 7 days of walking. 7 Closer to my goal of 100.... Continue Reading →

#1000kPrayerWalk – Day 5

Getting ready to do my first night walk. After having a rather relaxed day going to the footy, eating a steak and cheese pie, and drinking some good coffee.  This coming week should be a good one. I am expecting... Continue Reading →

#1000kPrayerWalk – Day 4

So, all good...have had a very interesting first 4 days on this journey. Seeing as it's a 100 day, 14 week journey.  It's been good. My body is sore. And i have hardly lost any weight. (there's probably a ton... Continue Reading →

#1000kPrayerWalk – Day 3

These boots are made for love... These are probably the uggliest shoes I have ever owned 🙂 But man, they are comfortable... Dr Scholl's cost $5 at Walmart on a recent trip to the US. I didnt even buy... Continue Reading →

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