when we realise it is finished, we have begun

#1000kPrayerWalk – Day 8

Started my morning with this thought : TODAY, WILL BE A GREAT DAY... Today i plan to walk 16km. That would bring me to 80 in 8 days. With 20 to go for ny first goal to be reached in... Continue Reading →

#1000kPrayerWalk – Day 7

What a great weekend...walked 12km on Saturday and 12km on Sunday... That brings my total to 64km in 6 Days... I am walking 10-12 tonight as i round out 7 days of walking. 7 Closer to my goal of 100.... Continue Reading →

#1000kPrayerWalk – Day 5

Getting ready to do my first night walk. After having a rather relaxed day going to the footy, eating a steak and cheese pie, and drinking some good coffee.  This coming week should be a good one. I am expecting... Continue Reading →

#1000kPrayerWalk – Day 4

So, all good...have had a very interesting first 4 days on this journey. Seeing as it's a 100 day, 14 week journey.  It's been good. My body is sore. And i have hardly lost any weight. (there's probably a ton... Continue Reading →

#1000kPrayerWalk – Day 3

These boots are made for love... These are probably the uggliest shoes I have ever owned 🙂 But man, they are comfortable... Dr Scholl's cost $5 at Walmart on a recent trip to the US. I didnt even buy... Continue Reading →

#1000kPrayerWalk – Guilt Free Eating vs Moral Licencing

Guilt free Eating is such a great benefit from training hard....knowing that you can eat, most things. Because you will train it out.... The problem is, you spiral into a "moral licensing" cycle.  "What's moral licensing?" You might ask. And... Continue Reading →

#1000kPrayerWalk – Day 2

Wow...pain. Entering day two of this challenge is harder than i thought. I start with my walk knowing that there is 990km to go 🙂 Havent really started to change my diet. In fact, i ate so much yesterday. Then... Continue Reading →

#1000Kprayerwalk – Day 1

How about hitting 2 birds with one stone? I have recently been challenged to lose weight 🙂 Traveling for 3 weeks and feeling the weight of excess kg... I have also had a resurgence in a hunger for more complative... Continue Reading →

You are Full of ????? (God)

So much of religion places focus on the depravity of man. The emptyness of man. The weakness of man. The "evil" of man. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of reasons to think those things when looking at humanity....Hunger,... Continue Reading →

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